“Player Two has entered” – Learning through console-based video games

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Session Title: “Player Two has entered” – Learning through console-based video games

Session Description:
Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot. These are representatives of iconic video game characters who for many years have been embraced by children and adults alike, allowing players to escape reality and interact with digital worlds. The increasing acceptance of digital games-based learning and the gamification of lessons have also popularised the use of educational mobile apps such as Scribblenauts and Endless Alphabet and computer-based virtual worlds such as Minecraft and Secondlife. However, console based video games have been less influential in the drive towards
gamification, most likely due to its immobility, cost and online infrastructure. With new advancements in console video games, notably with the Playstation 4, XBox 1 and Nintendo Switch, the potential of learning in a far interactive and expansive digital world cannot be discounted. Many console-based games have included synchronous and asynchronous communication features, mass online gaming experience and an immersive virtual world experience. The in-game voice chat and party chat features found in several games have allowed players from across the globe to collaborate and learn from each other. I have personally used in-game voice chats to tutor beginner players in Tekken 7 on strategies and frame data estimation which require real-time mathematical calculations. Whether it is collaborative gaming in Minecraft or Overwatch, or sandbox, discovery and open world designs in Zelda or Lego Worlds, console based video games are increasingly becoming relevant for digital game based learning. Join me in this discussion on #consoleDGBL_ALT

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